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We believe in offering a personal service based on direct relationships between our staff and our broker partners. But we also make the most of the potential of technology and the Internet to improve our service to brokers.

We asked our brokers how we could improve our service in the UK Cargo market: what could we do to serve our brokers and their clients better? Their answer was to combine personal contact and relationships with a premium quality specialist cargo policy, backed by a superlative claims services.

But they also particularly asked for immediate responses to requests for quotations, with the ability to take up quotations and deliver documentation to clients on demand.

We have responded to these requests comprehensively, with:

  • A new policy wording.
  • A network of local branches looking after the needs of our brokers.
  • A dedicated specialist Cargo Claims Centre, all backed by a unique combination of online services for both brokers and their clients.
  • A range of online services which empower our brokers to serve their clients quickly and professionally.

Duet® Cargo - instant secure quotations for cargo business online.

Our unique Duet® online service gives brokers the ability to obtain and accept quotations for cargo insurance online in a matter of a couple of minutes. You are empowered to place cargo policies immediately, in most cases without further reference to underwriters.

With a few clicks, you can complete the whole process – from quotation to paperwork, without delays.

Instant quotes

Brokers can get quotes any time, without delay, and in a matter of a few minutes

Simple to use

Only X steps to follow in obtaining a quote – you don’t need a detailed knowledge of cargo to do this and if you want information, we can provide it to you (cargo guides etc.)

Help line

Easy access to a knowledgeable cargo specialist if you need it.

Instantly bindable quotes & paperwork

You don’t have to wait several days or weeks for paperwork to be processed – you are in control.

Superior sales and account management

You have regular contact with a dedicated Allianz Marine & Aviation representative - they will respond to your needs and help you to serve you cargo clients effectively. You won’t just be left with a PC.

Online mid term adjustments

Amendments and changes to your client’s policy can be processed rapidly and simply online – no need for lengthy delays in obtaining minor adjustments.

Monthly or quarterly accounts

You don’t have to pay straight away – we send you a regular account which they can pay in one tranche – keeps your admin. to a minimum.

Clear record trail

Everyone can see what is happening and is kept informed

Online statistics

Brokers can monitor their accounts on demand and export this data to Excel for their own records.

Special referrals

Where a policyholder has special requirements or for the larger risks, you can refer this to a specialist underwriter – the traditional underwriting service remains if needed.

No duplication of effort

Brokers only need to enter data once.

Reduction in paper based systems

Information is more secure and always accessible.

Less time spend in administration

More time available for valued added tasks.

Claims are handled more quickly and with clear records

The Duet® system means that clients are not kept waiting and brokers and their clients are kept informed – you can advise us of claims immediately


The system is completely secure so your client’s information is protected.

Easy to join

We have a very simple registration process so you can be up and running without delays.

If you are interested in becoming an approved broker or agent with Allianz Marine & Aviation with access to this facility, please apply online via our Duet System using the grey logon button on the left navigation, or call us on 0845 466 5533.

eCertificates - empowering customers with the tools they need for international trade.

Where insurance certificates are required for overseas shipments, we offer an online facility for the fast issuing of Insurance Certificates. Our eCertificates service can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by authorised customers to issue secure Cargo certificates – avoiding the paperwork and delays that are often associated with international trade and Letter of Credit requirements.

Online Demo of Duet ®


Instant bindable quotes online - demo our Duet broker facility here

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Search our worldwide network of surveyors and claims representatives.

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Our cargo policy is specially designed for UK based clients.

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